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Aston Villa Rumours Forum, join free and discuss AVFC with fellow fans and supporters, gossip about potential signings for the club as well as back room chat and information on our owners and managers.

See a hand-picked list of the best football blog posts from Aston Villa Rumours online blog, discuss AVFC from the sidelines submit rumours and stories to our football blog. We want to introduce at this point other noteworthy blogs, belong to the daily required reading of every football fans. Team Blogs and other really worth reading pages are part of our list.

Aston Villa Transfer Rumours
The 2015 saw huge changes with the playing staff at Aston Villa with the loss of some of our best players Christian Benteke, Fabian Delph and Ron Vlaar. As well as players leaving the club AVFC bought a large number of players. One new purchase for AVFC is Gesterde from Blackburn, a striker with a proven scoring record in the championship, who we hope will continue scoring for Aston Villa in the premiership.

Hear at the AVFC Rumours blog we post all the latest news and encourage our visitors to post their own blogs, match reports and news on AVFC.

Teamtalk Aston Villa
Get the latest team news on upcoming games, discuss team selections and how players are performing in their matches, discuss how you think the team is playing, who you think should be playing or who needs replacing, discuss and talk with fellow villa supporters.

AVFC Fixtures
Results and fixtures from Aston Villa football club, match reports of previous games and predictions of upcoming villa matches. We are always eager to hear your thoughts of how we played or what tactics you would employ in future fixtures.

Aston Villa Merchandise and Shop
Find a wide range of Aston Villa themed products and merchandise, including AVFC clothing. AVFC merchandise is the perfect gift for any Villa fan, ideal for presents for birthdays, xmas, fatherís day or motherís day. Buy online and get it delivered to your door, all at low low prices.

Aston Villa Takeover Ė The tenure of Randy Lerner has been seen with much disappointment, although us Villa fans have seen investment in the club, a poor selection of managers has resulted in Aston Villa struggling at the bottom of the premiership over the last few years, each year narrowly avoiding the premiership. Randy Lerner has put AVFC on the market to be sold, but at present is struggling to attract a new buyer, the current position in the table and performances will be doing little to attract new owners. Here at AVFC Rumours we will keep you up to date with the latest gossip on who is looking to buy our historic club.